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Dangan GB2 is a short simplistic boss-rush, bullet-hell, shoot 'em up released for the Game Boy Color to celebrate the console's 25th anniversary.


To maintain a sense of security, the Dangan Empire decided to downplay the importance of the Eshus incident. Allie the pilot and Tally the technician were quietly promoted and reassigned to the Ganuka system, deep within Dangan space. Due to their expertise they were tasked to oversee the Empire's own dreadnought project.

These unmanned war machines are controlled by a super computer called the ALL-CONSTRUCT. The hope is that the dreadnoughts under its control will turn the tide and finally put an end to the prolonged conflict between the Dangan Empire and Houdan Confederation.

A few months pass. Allie and Tally are out on the edge of the Ganuka system when they receive a message from the dreadnought base:


All communication is lost after that. Fearing the worst, the two decide immediately to return to base.


  • six unique bosses with multiple phases
  • no sprite flicker, no slowdown, no tearing
  • bigger, faster and more bullets
  • two playable characters
  • high-score save

About the game

The game was designed to run on real hardware, but should work fine on most modern emulators. It's recommended that you read the manual before playing the game (it's short and to the point). Although the game was still made to be somewhat hard, some effort has been put into making it a slightly more accessible experience this time around.


Code, Graphics and Design: snorpung
Music and Testing: David Couzelis


This game is available for free here on itch.io and may not be sold in any form.

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